Monday, November 28, 2011

My Little Man

I can't stop looking at this picture of my son.  He was heading off to the zoo in his "Jack Hanna" hat.  Love him so much...his always-churning mind, his adventurous spirit, the way he laughs at his sister's toddler-antics, his determination, his never-give-up energy level even when he's crying because he's so tired...his love of all things animal and outdoors...the list is endless!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Val and Co. - 2011

You've seen 'em here before folks....this was the third time I've been fortunate enough to travel around the countryside and capture this family in their natural habitat.  I can say it like that because I know them and love them.  Thanks for being fun, creative, and spontaneous guys!  Are these kids darling, or what?

The Yeager Family

Stephen and Patti came to town to visit their new nephew, Asher, who was featured here yesterday.  I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with them on a gorgeous Fall really has been spectacular and warm here this season.  Their son gave us a run for our money, as toddlers do (at least MINE does!), but we caught that elusive smile a time or two and their daughter couldn't be sweeter with her free spirit.  It was fun to get to know you guys!

Mattice Family

Dawn and I met years ago when we attended the same church up in Potsdam, NY and then she followed me down here...just kidding!  She found her own way down and also found Peter - the perfect match for her - their boys have the most beautiful smiles.  Thanks for a fun, energetic Fall afternoon!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Asher Has Arrived

He is here and he is perfect!  So fun to document the Innarella's wedding, pregnancy, and now the arrival of little Asher.  I got to spend a sweet afternoon in their sunny living room stealing as many snuggles as possible and drinking in that soft newborn skin.  God bless you guys!

Waiting for Asher

I had the pleasure of photographing Jennifer and Dan's wedding last September (and yes, I just realized I never posted those pictures here!).  This August I got to do their maternity shots as well as capture their beautiful blended family.  This was such a gorgeous evening down at the creek.  Stay tuned for the little one's newborn pictures as well!

Morgans 2011

So this is the third year I got to work with this fun family.  Their boys are so unique and beautiful as is their new property where we did the photo shoot this year.  I love talking with Owen and trying to figure out how that amazing mind would think he was 14, not 4!  And Larry is a delight with those eyes and lips.  Thanks again, guys!