Friday, July 09, 2010

Carrie, Jeff, Ryan, and Kaitlyn - June 2010

I grew up playing in this creek and it was just so fun to photograph these guys back there and watching little Ryan splash about. Kudos to Carrie and Jeff for being so laid back about letting him do his 2-year old thing so I could capture the moments!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Val and Gary - May 2010

This was my second photo shoot with these fine folks and it was truly so much fun! Val had a vision for some pictures of them in the hay loft of this old barn on her family's dairy farm and it was perfect... even if I did make them sit in pigeon you-know-what to get the shots we wanted! They were great sports and I had a blast. Thanks, guys!

Tammy and Jason - March 2010

I know I always say I'm not doing weddings anymore but sometimes, I just can't resist! And this cute couple was one of those. I knew Tammy in another lifetime and she ended up moving here and getting engaged to are some shots from their truly delightful day. They were so much fun to photograph out in the courtyard afterward....thanks guys for being so flexible and spontaneous!

Bill and Kim - August 2009

Bill and his family moved in next door to my family when he was knee-high to a he's knee-high to a T-rex on a good day. Anyway, as dear friends of ours, it was a joy to photograph his nuptials to Kim last summer and to celebrate with his family whom we love so much. Here are some shots from their dramatic day on Oneida Lake, near Syracuse.

Morgan Family - May 2009

So I am determined to catch up here! I just did my second photo shoot with this family too but I wanted to get these posted from last year's photo shoot first! Here are Bill, Molly, Owen, and Larry. At the time, Larry was only a few weeks old and Owen would NOT relinquish that golf club fun!

We also took some pictures of Molly and her siblings...a portrait of a beautiful family!

Let Me Take You Back...Take 2

really? really? the last time I posted was over a year ago? really? how does that happen? It has been a crazy year with the circle of life and all, though, so let's just pretend like I'm gonna start posting regularly again. Here's a little catch-up:

This was the second time I got to photograph this was August 2009. And to give you some perspective, I did their third photo shoot last month so I have those pictures to post too! and another little teaser: there is one more of them now! but alas, here they are last summer...enjoy!