Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grand Re-Opening

So this is me making the commitment to re-launch my photography business. I haven't done much professionally since Jack was born but he just turned two and I'm itching for a new endeavor. I did primarily wedding photography in the pre-Jack days but now I am setting out to focus on portraits...casual, on-location, natural light portraits. That being said, I'm shooting a wedding tonight. But my new passion is portraits and I've certainly had enough practice after two years and tens of thousands of pictures of Jack! We'll start with this photo blog and then upgrade to the website as soon as it's construction is complete.

Having just bought a new lens for this endeavor, my friend Anca let me practice on her newborn, sweet baby Luke. Just look at those infinite eyes!

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Anca and Eric said...

He is so adorable...I am a little partial though :)