Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thanks, Karen!

My sister, Karen, pointed out that only people with a google account could leave comments. I made the necessary changes to allow the rest of you to leave comments so please, comment away! To show my gratitude for pointing out this oversight on my part, I am featuring her other two darling children Miriam's older brother and sister. This here is Charlie...those eyes and that smile make me melt everytime I see him!

This was Charlie after spending some time in the garden:

And Miss Julia Goolia (anyone care to name the movie?)....and the many faces of Miss Julia. As my mother would say, "She's a clip!"


Kerri said...

Tracy - Your photos are amazing! You have such a gift! I enjoy looking at your blog each week to see your incredible work. Your nieces and nephews are adorable too!


jessica said...

Wedding Singer...She is often referred to as that at our house.