Friday, July 02, 2010

Morgan Family - May 2009

So I am determined to catch up here! I just did my second photo shoot with this family too but I wanted to get these posted from last year's photo shoot first! Here are Bill, Molly, Owen, and Larry. At the time, Larry was only a few weeks old and Owen would NOT relinquish that golf club fun!

We also took some pictures of Molly and her siblings...a portrait of a beautiful family!


Anonymous said...

I just love your photos, Tracy!!! What a this particular photo I know the wonderful lady on the left...she was Ally's preschool teacher...Gretchen Laubisch!!!! Small world!! Beautiful photos, Trace!!!!!!

Kerri Vail

Mangwood said...

Kerri - no way! She's the sister-in-law) of the "main mom" in the pics. did you get my phone message? BTW your portraits are next on the list!